Elizabeth Berkley: Motherhood Is the 'Role of a Lifetime'

"The thing that's been great is that I've kept up my workouts," she shares. "I'm going to keep it up while I can. I'm a dancer so it's part of my life anyway."

First time mom-to-be Elizabeth Berkley is getting ready for baby.

“I’m due this summer and there is a reason why they give you nine months to get ready because it does allow you to prepare,” the former Saved by the Bell star told PEOPLE at the Huggies Hawaiian and Baby2Baby Luau event in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

In comparing her impending motherhood to her day job, Berkley, 39, says, “As an actress sometimes you get cast in a job and you have to just go. I like how this has been its own journey [and] there is time for what is the role of a lifetime.”

As for choosing whether to find out the baby’s sex, Berkley is still up in the air.

“My husband [Greg Lauren] and I are on the same page,” she explains. “We don’t know yet, but we are probably going to [find out] before.”

Berkley credits yoga, Winsor Pilates, and sessions with celebrity trainer Valerie Waters for keeping her strong and energetic throughout her pregnancy.

“The thing that’s been great is that I’ve kept up my workouts,” she shares. “I’m going to keep it up while I can. I’m a dancer so it’s part of my life anyway.”

Asked what she’s looking forward to the most about being a mom, Berkley says, “Just the love. Simply put.”

— Michelle Ward

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