Huggalugs: Keeping Kids Cosy

Winter arrived early here in Southern California. It rolled in with the cool morning mist a couple of weeks ago. But it’s fickle, because it tends to warm up by noon. This presents some unique dressing challenges for my kids. If I send them to school in a longsleeve tee, and pants they are miserable by lunchtime. They still want to wear short sleeves, shorts and skorts but I can’t bear to see all that bare skin every a.m. when my own teeth are chattering.

Huggalugs to the rescue! I am just loving these cosy, soft and stretchy Australian-made leg and arm warmers for all three of my kids. They keep their arms and legs cosy without adding on unwanted extra clothing. My kids love all the fun patterns (choose from stars, stripes, dots, skulls, flowers and argyle) which add a little funk to their daily ensembles. I actually prefer the fit on these to other leg and arm-warmers that I have tried.

Huggalugs are just the thing for potty training tots and crawlers, keeping their legs warm and protected from hard flooring without the hassle of pants. And they are somewhat addictive. Once you start collecting them, it is difficult to stop. I’ve even borrowed them from the kids for myself. They make excellent foot warmers with flip flops when you head out for a pedicure!

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