Howard K. Stern father of Anna Nicole's daughter, baby's name is Dannie-Lynn

Update: Click here for video via TMZ.

On Larry King Live tonight, an obviously grieving Howard K. Stern, Anna’s lawyer, revealed that he is in fact the father of Anna Nicole‘s newborn daughter, and that they have been in a relationship for quite awhile. He also announced that the baby’s name is Dannielynn Hope, not Hannah Rose as previously reported. Dannie is after Daniel, Lynn is because Daniel called Anna Nicole "Mama Lynn," (her real middle name), and Hope because of the current situation. He also said that Daniel was aware that Howard is the father.

Howard also confirmed that he and Anna still do not know the cause of Daniel’s death, but says that he was on anti-depressants and had been hospitalized a month previously for back issues and depression. He confirmed that they did sell the hospital photos, because they wanted the people to see that it was "a joyous time" instead of portraying Daniel and Anna Nicole badly as they believe the media has. They have not received any money yet, but when they do it will go towards funding a foundation towards whatever the cause of death ends up being.

They have not yet had the funeral, but when they do, it will be private and details will not be announced.

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