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Updated March 29, 2007 08:18 AM

Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards and wife, Elizabeth Edwards, opened up to People about Elizabeth’s cancer return and how they found the courage to tell their children. Elizabeth said,

Elizabeth went on to explain how she was straight forward with her kids, telling them that this cancer will not likely go away and that it could possibly take her life. She said,

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John added:

Elizabeth was originally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004, made it through, and became cancer free. Now, less than 3 years later, the cancer has returned and this time it is in the bone. Elizabeth talked a bit about what the doctors said about her diagnosis. She said,

The couple have not been specific about when Elizabeth will begin treatment or finish her testing. Elizabeth and John have three children, Cate, 25, Emma, 8 and Jack, 6.

Source: PEOPLE

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