How Justin Chambers takes advantage of the writer's strike

Like many other celebrity parents, Justin Chambers sees the bright side to the current writer’s strike in Hollywood. With production shut down on his hit television show Grey’s Anatomy, Justin — father to five children, including 10-year-old Isabella, 8-year-old twins Maya and Kaila, 6-year-old Eva and 5-year-old Jackson — has plenty of people to occupy his time. Said Justin of his kids,

I take them to school, just hang out at the house.  My plan is to be at home with my family.

As father to twins and being a twin himself, Justin is able to offer quality advice to his co-star Patrick Dempsey, who welcomed twin boys — Darby and Sullivan, turning 10-months-old tomorrow — in February. According to Justin, "you gotta love ’em but treat them as individuals." The 37-year-old added,

I’m a twin so I know a little bit about it!

Justin has been married to his wife Keisha since 1993. Patrick and his wife Jillian also have a daughter, Tallulah, who turns 6-years-old in January.

Source: OK!

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