Matthew McConaughey on getting the news; anxiety about what to call his delivery surprise


Fathers-to-be find out about their partner’s pregnancies in different ways — some anxiously await the at-home test results alongside their wife or girlfriend, while others may be the recipient of a carefully planned surprise. Such was the case with Matthew McConaughey, who received an envelope from 25-year-old girlfriend Camila Alves.

I got a card with an ultrasound. Awesome. Awesome. If she told me she had some news to share with me, that would not have been in my Top 10. It’s much better.

Matthew, 38, admits the pregnancy wasn’t on their timetable at the moment, but in no way is that a negative. The actor, famous for his ‘go with the flow’ philosophy towards life, says the baby on the way fits in perfectly with the direction in which his and Camila’s relationship is moving.

I was surprised, not shocked. I’m about to fill my life with first times. Everything will be brand new. It’s part of the lesson we learn from children, that we see things for the first time. So to be there in those days, and be the father that the child looks up to, whatever he or she calls me, oh, yeah, I want to be there for that.

I always dreamed of being of a father. I couldn’t wait, since I was younger than 10 years old. I never had a plan. I always said, right time, right woman.

As Matthew previously explained, he and Camila have opted not to find out the sex of the baby — a decision that’s turning out to be more frustrating and stressful than he would have liked! Although he’s become anxious, reading into what the doctor says and being unsure of which pronoun to use, Matthew says they are committed to a delivery room surprise.

Aiiiii! But no, not going to find out. We’re going to let ourselves have this buzz. We’ll put it in an envelope and set it out there, every day and every night. ‘There it is, want to look? Yeah, but let’s not.’

The doctor will say, ‘He has a very perfect-looking vertebrae,’ and you say, ‘Hey, why did you say he?’ Or, ‘She has great organs.’ ‘Why’d you say she?’ We’re looking for every little [clue]. It’s hard.

That’s the hard part about not knowing. You don’t want to call it ‘it,’ because that’s the neutral. It’s one or the other, you know?

Matthew and Camila’s first child is due in June.

Source: USA Today

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