I love personalized baby gifts. To me, they show that you went the extra mile for that new little person in the world. I’m also a softie for anything with my kids’ names on it! If you are looking for personalized baby gifts, Hottie Tottie Designs makes absolutely precious products that can be personalized for no charge!

We checked out one of their laminated bibs. They are nicely sized for newborns and will also work as drool bibs for older babies. And they wipe off very well. My new little darling (who spits up constantly) goes through many bibs a day — I’ve found that the laminated ones clean up quickly and easily!!

Since I am also a diaper bag junkie, I loved Hottie Tottie’s many darling diaper bags. Check out their cute diaper and wipe pouches, laminated diaper totes – I liked the Hot Pink Flower Power ($99), stroller totes – I liked the Pink Chocolate ($79), and elegant ribbon totes – the Pink and Brown Cotton Candy (left, $60) was my favorite. But my favorite bag was the custom diaper bag – loved the Eiffel Tower Bag. The staff will consult with you on creating a custom bag — choose from small or large sized, with many different fabrics and options. You can even supply your own fabric — how fun is that? Note: allow two weeks for monogramming.

Hottie Tottie Designs has gifted Naomi Watts’ and Liev Schreiber’s son, Alexander Pete, with a personalized laminated Lime Toile Bib ($13.99).

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