Hotslings: Carry your baby in style

I brought my daughter home from the hospital in a Hotsling and to this day it remains my favorite sling. Now that she is a 26lb toddler I carry her in the hip carry for quick runs into the grocery store or from the car up the three flights to our apartment. Wearing her in my Hotsling is quick and easy and it does wonders for my back which tends to start hurting if I carry her unassisted for too long.

Though the company has grown considerably since I purchased my first sling from them a year and a half ago, the product quality remains the same. These no-fuss slings (there are no hooks, buckles or straps to mess with – you just put the baby in it and go) are also some of the prettiest I've seen with dozens of colors and hip fabrics to choose from. What makes Hotslings stand out among the many other slings I own are two things: one is the fact that the sizing is never "off" which is the case with many other pouch-style slings I have purchased in the past (I figured out what size I was using their sizing calculator) and the second is the padding. I love this padding! Back in the day when I carried my little girl in a front carry it worked as a great chew-toy (for real!) and now that she is in a hip-carry it works as protection so she doesn't get red lines on her chubby little legs when I wear her for long periods.

Celebrities that have been gifted with a Hotsling include Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Denise Richards and Michelle Williams. And though she isn't a mom in real life, Jill Marie Jones' character, Toni, on the hit show Girlfriends wore her TV baby in a Hotsling in one episode!

The ladies at Hotslings should seriously put me on their payroll because I can not sing their praises enough. This is the one item that I will always say is a must-have for new parents. Even my husband has recently started wearing our daughter exclusively in our Hotsling. Be warned though, both of us have the same caveat: we can't take two steps outside of the house without stopping to give fellow parents the deets on where they can buy their own – they definitely attract attention!

Hotslings run between $44 and $80 and can be purchased through the website or at any of these retailers.

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