Hotslings: I love 'em honey!

With a toddler and a one month old, I barely sit down for a second. The baby wants to be held all the time, so babywearing is a must for me. I recently reviewed a Hotslings pouch (retails between $48 and $60) and I loved it. It lets me have a hand free (sometimes two if I am sitting) for reading to my toddler, playing trucks with him or for getting snacks and drinks for him.I usually use the tummy to tummy hold and the baby blessedly quiet. She’s happy, he’s happy and I can help both of them. I discovered another wonderful thing as I wrote this review — I put my fussy little darling in the cradle hold and she slept soundly for two hours! Unfortunately, when I took her out, she woke up (I quickly put her back in and she fell back asleep). So, as I type this, my baby girl is sleeping in my Hotsling (too bad I can’t sleep while wearing this!!)

Reviewer Teba introduced me to Hotslings pouches about two years ago. She was carrying her, then baby daughter in it and I was intrigued. You can read her original review here. I was able to test the Indian Summer Stretch Sateen print — they have so many cool fabrics to choose from. A pouch sling is easy to take on and off and folds up really small for your diaper bag. I prefer the stretch sateen material that I tested because the material gives a little (very helpful for taking a baby in and out of it). There is leg padding to protect tender BabyLegs. For wearing instructions, either through apdf file or video, click here. A DVD of wearing instructions is included with each Hotsling.

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The pouches have to be sized correctly — but thanks to the website’s sizing chart, it was very simple to do. I ordered my pre-pregnancy size (but luckily the baby weight and more is dropping off quickly) and it may end up being a teensy bit big on me. I can do the shoulder flip adjustment and it should be fine. As a plus-sized gal, I like that these sizes run from small to plus-size — no doubt that you could find your correct size.

Hotslings make a great, new baby gift (both mama and baby will be very happy) or you can just pick one up for yourself. It is so easy to pop on and off for errands — you can leave that bulky infant car seat in the car! Your baby will be right next to your heart and much happier. Also, with an active two year old, I can follow, okay, chase him around at the park or a friend’s house, while wearing the baby.

Hotslings was the brainchild of Kristin DeRocha, who created her own pouch when her daughter was little. The company’s website launched in 2003 and has become wildly successful. Every pouch is made in the USA with fair wage practices. Celeb parents are big fans of Hotslings. Most recently, model Karen Elson, married to Jack White, of the White Stripes, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Rena Sofer (of Heroes and 24), Fred Savage, Samantha Harris of E! and Kimberly Paisley-Williams have all been gifted with Hotslings.

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