Hope Davis on being mom to Georgia and Mae

Actress Hope Davis, 43, spoke to People recently about her everyday life raising her two little girls, Georgia, 5, and Mae, 3. In her new dark comedy movie Charlie Bartlett she portrays a society mom who spoils her drug-dealing son, but in real life she says she is much different.

I’m the polar opposite. I’m the parent hurrying everyone out of the house in the morning, making sure their noses are wiped.

When asked how domestic she is, Hope replies:

I’m into cooking. We bake our own bread, so we’re pretty busy in the kitchen.

The interviewer asked what her children were doing right then, she says:

They have glasses on and wigs and are playing school with my husband. I’m at a nice phase of my life.

Hope is married to actor Jon Patrick Walker.

Source: People, March 3, 2008, p.32

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