Honest Baby: Honestly Liberating Baby T-shirts

As parents one of the first things we learn is to say “yes”to the world even when we mean no: “yes” my baby girl sleeps through the night,“yes” she will be walking and talking any day now, and “yes,” we love it whenyou try to get her to do every parlor trick she knows all within a ten minute span.Jill Besnoy, a comedy film producer(Death to Smoochy and The Larry SandersShow among others) and new mother to two got tired of it. Reminding herself that parenting is animperfect but hilarious and rewarding journey, she launched honestbaby.com awebsite which is home to a parent’s forum where support, candor and laughs arethe goal and a line of baby t-shirts that poke gentle fun at parenting($20-$22).

With such clever one-liners as “10th percentileand still growing” and “Ferberizing stinks!” honestbaby t-shirts have quicklybecome favorites for celebrity mom Courtney Cox whose daughterCoco has a few in her closet. My particular favorites are the “I survivednipple confusion” and “I’ll walk when I’m good and ready” tees.

Liberate yourself by sharing your story at honestbaby.com’sstorytime where no “mommy police” are allowed. Your baby will wear his honestyon his sleeve with an honestbaby t-shirt – quite literally!

Use coupon code honesti and get free shipping on your firstpurchase on an honestbaby t-shirt.

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