The year in celebrity home/water/natural childbirth

Women have been giving birth naturally (without drugs) for thousands of years. In a time when elective c-sections are on the rise, there are still many mothers opting to give birth at home, in water, and/or without medication. Here are a few celebrity mothers who went this route and talked about it this year.


Charlotte Church delivered daughter, Ruby Megan Henson, at home in a birthing pool with minimal drugs. She is also breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Talking with boyfriend Gavin Henson to OK! magazine, she said,

I was telling you I loved you, wasn’t I? Saying ‘I loveyou, but I can’t do this!’ You were brilliant, you kept saying, ‘Justget through this one.’

I was so anxious before, thinking, ‘Is it really going to hurt that much?’ And it really does hurt that muchand ten million times more! The pain is outrageous!

Kellie Martin was set on giving birth naturally and was disappointed she had to be induced because daughter Maggie didn’t want to come on her own.

I was induced, and I really, really wanted to have her naturally.No drugs, no nothing, because that’s what my mom did with me so Ifigured — you know — I’m as tough as my mother!

She changed her mind after her water broke, but her husband and her nurse helped her get through it.

We got a couple of hours into the real, good contractions and theybroke my water… and once that happened, I said ‘Okay, no, no, no,no… can’t do it. Can’t do it! Drugs! Somebody help me…I have tohave drugs.’ And my husband knew how important it was to me to haveMaggie naturally so he just kept changing the subject, and my nursekept changing the subject…She’d be like ‘Ooooh, look! It’s sobeautiful outside!’ And I was like, ‘Seriously, no one is listening tome.’ And by that point I’d really forgotten that I needed the drugs,and it was time to push.

Lisa Bonet (aka Lilakoi Moon) gave birth to daughter Lola Iolani Momoa at home.

Dave Matthews and his wife Ashley welcomed their third child, August Oliver Matthews, at home. Dave said, believing homebirth comes with its own set of benefits,

We had him at home, which was nice, because I knew where the beer was.

Ani DiFranco gave birth to daughter, Petah Lucia DiFranco Napolitano, at home, and believes,

Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.

Actress AJ Langer, best known as Rayanne on My So-Called Life, gave birth to daughter Joscelyn Skye at home in water, with her husband, Lord Charles Courtenay, the future Earl of Devon, helping to catch the baby.

Supermodel and cosmetics entrepreneur Josie Maran considers herself to be relatively eco-conscious, and integrates her green knowledge into motherhood as well. She said,

I gave birth to Rumi in my backyard. Ipractice what I preach.

Ricki Lake‘s documentary about homebirth, The Business of Being Born, debuted with a standing ovation at the Tribeca Film Festival. Catch a screening near you in 2008. She gave birth to her second son Owen, now 5, at home in a bathtub. She told The Huffington Post,

I wanted to make this movie after my two very different birthexperiences with my children. I felt like I had an opportunity toexplore and question birthing practices in this country and perhaps bean advocate for mothers’ rights and better maternity care.

Joely Fisher gave birth at home to her second daughter, True Harlow Fisher-Duddy, saying,

I decided to have her at home and had a lot of friends around and ofcourse her father was there. And of course, the doctor, the doula, themidwife, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

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