'Hocus Pocus 2' Parents Guide: What to Know Before Watching with Your Kids

Though Hocus Pocus 2 is rated PG, there are some scenes that could be deemed too scary for young kids

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Hocus Pocus 2 is giving '90s kids all the nostalgia, but is the movie actually suitable for kids?

Set almost 30 years after the original 1993 film, the sequel follows the infamous Sanderson sisters as they are magically revived by a Black Flame Candle.

Though the film is rated PG, it does feature some content that could prove to be too mature for young audiences, including a few instances of language some parents might object to, and of course, various references to witchcraft.

If you've already seen the first film, which has become a Halloween classic over the years, you have a pretty good idea of what you're in for with your young ones. And if you haven't, we've broken down everything you need to know about the film before watching it with kids.

The movie features witchcraft throughout

Belissa Escobedo as Izzy and Whitney Peak as Becca in Disney's live-action HOCUS POCUS 2
Matt Kennedy/Disney+

Obviously, a film centered around three witches from Salem would feature some magic. However, Hocus Pocus 2 delves even more into witchcraft this time around. The film introduces two new witches, including Mother Witch (who gifts the Sanderson sisters with the book of spells) and a teen witch named Becca. There are also several scenes that depict spells being performed, which could be slightly scary for young kids as they include a few jump scares and spooky moments.

There's some violence

For starters, the whole film revolves around the Sanderson sisters seeking out revenge by hunting down a descendant of a reverend who wronged them as children. In an earlier scene, the young Sanderson sisters use a spell to set the reverend's house on fire and revel in the destruction.

Another scene later in the film shows Winnie magically throwing a man across the woods, attacking a young girl with her powers, and slicing another's neck for her blood. Additionally, Winnie slaps her sisters across the face (hard enough that Kathy Najimy used it as the justification for why her crooked smile switched sides from the original film!).

There are some scenes that could be scary for young kids

Doug Jones in Hocus Pocus 2
Doug Jones in Hocus Pocus 2 (2022). Walt Disney Studios

In addition to spooky magic scenes, there are additional moments in the film that could be scary for young kids. For instance, Billy is shown rising out of his grave, and at one point his head is pulled off. Another scene shows the whole town getting put under a spell as they aimlessly walk around town to do the Sanderson sisters' bidding.

There's some strong language

Throughout the film, there is a small amount of coarse language, including "damn," "OMG," and "hag." There are also a handful of references to the devil, including "Satan's work," "Holy Lucifer," and "Devil's book."

There are some sexual themes throughout

Sam Richardson as Gilbert in Disney's live-action HOCUS POCUS 2, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Seeing that the Sanderson sisters can only come back if a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle, there are some sexual themes throughout the film. In one scene, in particular, a character indirectly makes a sexual reference, saying that he couldn't light the candle himself because it "wouldn't work."

The word "virgin" is also said throughout the film, including one kid asking, "What is a virgin?" — to which another character replies that it's a person who hasn't lit a candle.

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