By peoplestaff225
Updated March 24, 2007 10:02 AM

The Celebrity Baby Blog is hiring for several positions.

Do you love celebrity babies and parenthood?
Are you up on all the latest celebrity baby gossip?
Are you an avid reader of gossip blogs and/or celeb magazines?
Are you a good writer who has good grammar and knows what a spell checker is?
Are you reliable?
Are you web-savvy?

If you answered yes to these questions and are looking for a part-time gig at your favorite blog, then you should apply to be part of the Celebrity Baby Blog. We are looking for a news editor, a fashion editor, writers, and interns.

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About the Celebrity Baby Blog
Featuring news, commentary and style trends, the Celebrity Baby Blog ( is the authority for information about celebrity babies and their famous parents. The Celebrity Baby Blog prides itself on its professionalism, respect towards celebrities and readers, and original content. Over the past three years it has grown exponentially- it now draws over 1.5 million unique visitors and 2.5 million page views per month. There is no other baby blog that gets this kind of traffic. A media darling, it’s been in magazines like Us Weekly and on TV like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and VH1.

We are looking for candidates with strong writing, communication, and research skills.
All positions (besides internship) are paid, telecommuting, and contract. You must have your own computer and fast, reliable internet connection.

News editor:
-Be familiar with Typepad or at least another blogging platform.
-Have VERY good grammar and spelling skills.
-Be available on a regular schedule through the week, at least 20 hours per week
Duties include:
-Editing the weekly newsletter
-Updating the site’s hot posts and past features links
-Research and write at least 30 posts a week, throughout the week
-Copyedit/proofread contributors’ stories
-Research and post photos from photo agencies
-Email other blogs with other hot story links
-Moderate comments on a daily basis

Fashion/gear Editor:
-Be very familiar with infant, children and maternity fashion- budget-luxury.
-Be familiar with baby gear like strollers, diaper bags.
-You’ll need to read the site frequently and let the news editor know if you can identify clothing and gear in photos.
-Responsibilities include product research, communication with publicists,
-Post a minimum of four 300-word stories per week.
-Be familiar with Typepad or at least another blogging platform.
-Ability to attend tradeshows is a plus

-Please note: This position is paid a sliding scale quarterly bonus rather than a weekly salary, based on regular posting each week. You can also choose to be paid with baby products and clothes.
-Post a minimum of ten 200-word posts per week, throughout the week.
-Some of our posts summarize photos while others are features that require more work and research.
-Be familiar with Typepad or at least another blogging platform or at least very web-savvy.

-Responsibilities include daily blog postings, product research, contacting publicists, writing and sending press releases, attending special events (depending on your location), and generating feature story ideas.
– Tasks included scouring the web daily for juicy bits, transcribing talk show interviews, writing up stories we send you, and other exciting grunt work.
-At least 10 flexible hours/week. You can make your own schedule, but it needs to be consistent.
-Familiarity with basic HTML is preferred, but not required.
-Knowledge of and experience with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is a huge plus.
– The job is unpaid, with the possibility of college credit, and with the opportunity to grow into a paid gig. If our relationship works and you’re happy working with us, there is the possibility of getting hired part-time after 4 months.
-Interns will be able to receive baby-related products and the occasional Starbucks gift card.

Applicants for all positions will need to submit three samples of your writing (if you don’t have any, please write three posts that you would contribute to the CBB) AND one post about celebrity baby news. Please prepare those samples before applying.

For your audition pieces:
# Limit topics to celebrity pregnancies and babies. We no longer post stories on engagements, marriages and break-ups (well, with a few minor exceptions). We leave that to the million other gossip blogs.
# Do your homework and make sure we have not already posted the news. We have a search function on the site so you can look up the topic before you write and send anything.
# We have a definite style: objective and not bitchy. Unless it’s an opinion piece, don’t editorialize. Double-check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
# Submissions must include: Title, your original story, source and full URL of the story if it’s an online source, issue date if it’s a magazine.
# Your source needs to be a –primary- source. If you see a story on another gossip blog, figure out what the original source was and base your story on that, not the secondary source.
# You need to find your own stories. Freshest news is typically found on the web. By the time stories hit print media, the news is old hat so if you are using magazines for a source, make extra sure we haven’t already written about that item. Check out magazine and news sites and gossip blogs for new info and then look to see that we haven’t already posted the news.