Hip Melon

Oh, the colors! The HipMelon pouches ($76USD) come in a variety of gorgeous fabrics. You’re guaranteed to be a head-turner in these. They’re lined pouches, so a little bulkier than some, but I find that just seems to make them even cozier. An added bonus of the HipMelon pouches is the little HipCuff that comes with them. It’s amazing how that little cuff of fabric (matching the gorgeous fabric of your pouch) can snap around and make the pouch even more comfortable! It gets it all snug and comfy — just right for soothing a crabby baby and easing the burden on a tired mama. Also great if you’re not exactly sure of your size (which is tricky with pouches), since the HipCuff makes it snugger, if necessary. Makes a pretty cool bracelet, too!

— Stephanie

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