Why Hilary Duff Would Let Son Luca, 8, 'Make the Choice' on Distance Versus in-Person School

Hilary Duff, who has partnered with Creative Roots, chats with PEOPLE about parenting during a pandemic — and whether she and her husband want more kids

Hilary Duff trusts her son to make decisions that are in his own best interest.

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE surrounding her partnership with Creative Roots, the actress and singer says she and her family — which includes 8-year-old son Luca Cruz, husband Matthew Koma and their daughter Banks Violet, 20 months — are staying up to date with guidelines surrounding the coronavirus pandemic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and taking decisions for Luca's entry into third grade one step at a time.

"Luca goes to private school, and we're just waiting to see what happens," says Duff, 32. "For his emotional well-being, I think it would be great if he could go back to school, but also it depends on what that looks like."

"If it's just strictly learning and no social interaction … I guess I would let him make the choice," she adds. "If he was going and it was super sterile and it wasn't benefiting him [in a social way], I would be up for remote learning again."

In the meantime, Duff praises Luca for being "great about" wearing a face covering "from the beginning," telling PEOPLE her son "doesn't leave the house without remembering to get his mask out for the day."

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Hilary Duff, Luca
Hilary Duff and son Luca.

"I have a basket by the front door and he’s just in the habit of grabbing one and going out, or even if he's playing in the front yard — we've had a few social-distanced [hangouts] with kids from his school," says the Younger star. "He has his mask looped around his ears and under his chin. It's so cute. I'm like, 'Aw, buddy.' "

"[And Banks] will wear one for, like, 15 minutes. And she's only 20 months, so that's pretty good," Duff continues. "If my 20-month-old daughter can do it for 15 minutes, adults can wear a mask for whatever errands they're doing that day or whoever you have to see. It's so important."

As for whether Duff and Koma, 33, plan to add to their brood, the couple — who tied the knot in December — are "spread pretty thin right now." But never say never.

"We're obsessed with our kids and [we're like], 'Should we do one more? Is this a good time?' " she shares. "It's tough because everything is so uncertain. Like, is it safe to have a baby right now? We don't know. Can we hold on for two years or is work gonna be crazy?"

"We're always kind of talking about it and toying with the idea, but nothing too serious yet," Duff adds.

During the summer season, Duff and her kids have been spending time in the pool — and as it turns out, her "pro mess-maker" toddler daughter is also "an amazing swimmer," despite her young age.

"She is fearless in the pool — she will dunk her head under and with a little push from me, she'll dive for toys. I've never seen anything like it," the Lizzie McGuire alum tells PEOPLE of Banks. "My son plugged his nose until he was, like, 4 years old, in the pool. She's just a water bug, it's pretty cool."

"She's talking a lot and she's got a little sense of humor, which is really fun," Duff shares. "She was a tough baby in the beginning, so this stage has been really rewarding, to see her little personality come out."

The mother of two says she decided to team up with Creative Roots after she found the product and "got really excited" about giving it to her kids, as all four flavors (orange pineapple, watermelon lemonade, mixed berry and peach mango) are "delicious" and have only 1 gram of sugar. In fact, she even drinks it herself!

"It's a better-for-you choice and it's plant-powered and it's coconut water and it's been a real win around here," Duff says. "With all the boxes [to check] as a mom of things you feel good about giving your kids, this is one of them."

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