December 30, 2015 09:00 AM

Hilary Duff is coming clean about being a single mom with a career in Hollywood.

“It’s hard to say that you really can have it all,” the singer and actress, 28, tells Redbook in her February cover story.

“I think you can to a certain degree, but fully loaded, pedal-all-the-way-down is tough. You’re missing out on something, either on the career or on the family.”

The mother to son Luca Cruz, 3½, adds, “When I’m really busy with work, I feel extremely guilty.”

Alexei Hay/Redbook

As hard as she might be on herself, there’s no denying this duo creates picture-perfect memories on the regular.

Case in point: their sweet kiss during a family beach day. Duff, though, hasn’t always been thrilled about being in front of the lens.

Alexei Hay/Redbook

“After I had Luca, I went out to, like, the breast-pump store — I was still huge — and I just had a comfortable outfit on,” she says of her day-to-day-life after giving birth to Luca in March 2012.

“And the next day [in the tabloids] it was like, ‘Hilary debuts post-baby bod!’ And I was like, ‘That’s not a debut! That’s an errand!'”

Overcome with the excitement of becoming a mom for the first time, Duff didn’t let it bring her down.

Alexei Hay/Redbook

“It was such a happy time that honestly I didn’t care; it wasn’t until later that I realized how mean and invasive it was,” she explains.

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Duff, whose TV Land comedy Younger returns for a second season on Jan. 13, co-parents with her ex Mike Comrie. Looking forward, a second marriage is far from a priority.

“I don’t want to say I wouldn’t get married again, but it’s not important to me,” Duff tells the magazine.

“I don’t feel I would need to be married to have another child. If I felt strongly enough toward someone or if someone felt strongly about it, I might say okay. But it’s not essential.”

— Nick Maslow

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