"We wanted to have another one, maybe not so soon, we thought about taking a year or two off," Alec Baldwin says

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Updated March 11, 2016 02:15 PM

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin knew another baby was in the cards for them, but neither knew their full house would come quite so soon.

The couple, already parents to son Rafael Thomas, 8 months, and daughter Carmen Gabriela, 2½, announced Wednesday that they are expecting their third child together.

“We wanted to have another one, maybe not so soon, we thought about taking a year or two off,” the actor said during a sit-down family interview with Extra.

“I feel like all of our children were semi-surprises, in a good way, good surprise, positive surprises,” adds Hilaria.

The real surprise came when the Baldwins found out they would be welcoming another baby boy to their brood. “I’ve been pretty nauseous, so I was surprised it was a boy because I felt really nauseous with Carmen and less nauseous with him,” Hilaria explains, adding she’s not sure what to expect once he arrives.

“I’m slightly afraid to have two of these, he doesn’t walk yet, but we are in so much trouble when he does,” she says of her first son Rafael.

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And while the mom-to-be happily shared the sex of their baby on the way during the pregnancy reveal, any hints on their son’s name are being kept a secret.

“We think we know, however, I’m not going to share it with you,” she teases. “[Alec] likes names like Joe and Tony, I like names like Sebastian and Orlando and Carmen and Rafa. I don’t think I can have a Tony Baldwin.”

Although they’re ecstatic to become a family of five in September, Baldwin insists the upcoming addition will be the last.

“They come when they come, but this is it, we’re going to have one more then we’re going to enjoy them, all three of them,” he explains.

Adding that the proud parents did “pretty well” with their first two children and couldn’t resist a third baby, Baldwin says they’re already planning for a fun future.

“We have a lot of things we want to do to enjoy our life, we want to travel and we’re both working a lot, but I like doing this, I like having kids,” he says. “I just can’t describe what it means to me.”

— Anya Leon