Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin Calls Criticism Over Having Nanny 'Not Fair': 'I Work Every Single Day'

"It is okay to accept help, and there is no shame that other people should give you because of that," says Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin has been social distancing with husband Alec Baldwin and homeschooling their four kids for months now — and she's finally nearing the finish line.

"I have never been more excited for a semester to be over," she recently joked while appearing on the Mom School podcast's Wednesday episode.

The 36-year-old fitness instructor and Mom Brain podcast co-host admits to being incredibly cautious over the last several months since the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, saying, "We are super, super paranoid about getting sick."

"They always say over 60 you've got to be worried and [Alec] just turned 62 and I'm pregnant and your immune system is not great when you're pregnant," adds Hilaria, who shares sons Romeo Alejandro David, 2, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 3½, and Rafael Thomas, 5 on Wednesday, plus daughter Carmen Gabriela, 6½, with Alec. The Saturday Night Live actor is also dad to daughter Ireland, 24.

Hilaria Baldwin family
The Baldwin family. Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

"I had to go [see my doctor] with a hazmat suit on — literally, my hair is covered, goggles; I am the oddball," she says of her routine prenatal visit. "[My doctor] said, 'You probably will labor with a mask on.' We'll get COVID tested there ... hopefully [Alec] will be able to be there, [but] maybe not. I don't know what the situation is going to be like."

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Hilaria is expecting another baby this September after suffering two miscarriages seven months apart last year. "What happened last year changed me in terms of focusing on certain things," she says of her losses. "I loved focusing on the sex of the baby ... but right now I am going very slow with this experience and being very cautious."

In April, she shared a heartfelt tribute on what would have been her second daughter's due date, saying in part, "I think of you every day and I wish so much that our path had been different."

"They're such little blessings," she tells Mom School of her kids. "With the heartache that I experienced and even before that, I had this gratitude that I live with every single day for how lucky I feel I am."

However, "I'll have my moments," Hilaria admits. "Especially being pregnant when the kids are destroying me all day long — and they don't understand, they're babies! And I'm not a victim. I chose to have all these kids really close together. I take responsibility for it. It's hard, but I am enjoying it so much. It is never a burden for me."

"I look at my kids, and even when they're driving me nuts — and trust me, it happens — and even if I lose my temper ... I just take a really deep breath and I think of this little person that is my little person and how we get to have this bond, this amazing relationship, and then I kind of chill out," she adds.

Her healthy perspective is maintained through consistent self-care and being unapologetic about asking for help. After an appropriate quarantine time period, Hilaria says that she and her family "rented a place nearby so that our nanny could come and help us out."

"It's so interesting with the whole nanny conversation," she tells Mom School. "People will write to you and say, 'Ugh, she has a nanny' — but that doesn't mean that you don't take care of your own kids. It literally means I am also working. I work every single day. And for people to make you feel badly about that is not fair."

"Neither my family or Alec's family live close," Hilaria continues. "Right now, my youngest kids are 2, 3 and 4, and I have a 7-year-old. It is okay to accept help, and there is no shame that other people should give you because of that."

Her Instagram often shows her brood helping to clean up after their (primarily vegan) meals, and the mother of four shares that "[Alec] does the dishes every day." His other domestic duties include what he calls "toy patrol," which is "when we go out in our yard and the kids are playing ... he's very obsessed with 'the lawn mower is gonna break up this' [and] 'this is going to get stuck in the pool filter.' "

As the school year comes to an end, Hilaria is hopeful things will get back to normal — and as for more babies, "We'll see," she says. "Hey, you know what, if we're gonna have another boy, then I owe my daughter a little sister."

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