Hilaria Baldwin — who's expecting her fifth child and second daughter with husband Alec Baldwin — previously experienced a miscarriage in April

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Hilaria Baldwin has nothing to hide.

The Mom Brain podcast co-host and fifth-time mother-to-be joined PEOPLE for a recent chat surrounding her ambassadorship with Janie and Jack, promoting their new dog and family holiday collection, and revealed why after four kids, talking about her pregnancy early on was a no-brainer.

“The one thing that’s been liberating is I told people my first trimester,” says Hilaria, 35, of her current pregnancy. “It was so stressful for me to have to keep it a secret on top of everything when you don’t feel well, and it’s like everyone is telling you to not say anything.”

“Then I realized that after having many children and having a miscarriage in the spring, this is my sixth pregnancy. Through having that, for me, there’s no reason to be quiet — absolutely no reason,” she adds. “If I lose the baby, then I don’t have to be ashamed of it. I can be open about it.”

“I announced my miscarriage as I was miscarrying, not after,” Hilaria recalls. “So I had already had that one as a preparation of doing something that is not typically done so publicly. This time, it was an opportunity of, ‘Hey, I can announce something as it’s happening, but it’s good news.’ ”

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Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin and her kids
| Credit: Michael Simon/StarTraksPhoto.com

“Obviously there’s no guarantee — you don’t know,” she continues. “I’m not even out of my first trimester yet, but everything is looking really well and I’m just going to be positive about it. I’m not superstitious, I’m just going to be positive. Everybody was very positive about it. I think people love babies.”

The Living Clearly Method author says that her pregnancy with her daughter on the way (her fifth child total with husband Alec Baldwin) has yielded a fair amount of nausea, although it’s “nothing debilitating like getting hospitalized, but you just feel kind of crappy.”

Hilaria Baldwin
Credit: Michael Simon/StarTraksPhoto.com

But “I have to focus on little people that don’t care that I don’t feel well,” she points out of being an expectant mom with other kids to look after. “They can’t register, ‘Oh, poor Mommy.’ A little bit, like [daughter Carmen Gabriela, 6] will ask me how I’m feeling, but my other ones [sons Romeo Alejandro David, 16 months, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 3, and Rafael Thomas, 4] are babies. That’s not their job. My job is to take care of them right now.”

“So a lot of it is you’re distracted so much from your nausea that it can help sometimes,” Hilaria shares of the work involved in parenting four children age 6 and under. “I would say the hard thing is that you get emotional in the first trimester. Like being patient, you just have to take an extra deep breath.”

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin
| Credit: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

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While the fitness guru “didn’t do anything” other than yoga and other similar low-impact activities while pregnant with Carmen “because I was a first-time mom scared of everything,” now her routine is a little different.

“I’m a big believer in trusting your body, and I know my body so well. I think my body has been through a lot having four babies, now a fifth one, [and] having a miscarriage recently,” Hilaria tells PEOPLE. “But I just decided that every single pregnancy needs a different recipe. You have to focus on how you feel.”

“For this one, I haven’t been running,” she continues. “I walk a lot and I’m super active with my kids. I go to barre and yoga and I do my [at-home] workouts. I try to eat well. Other times, I have to remind myself you really should have whole grains, different kinds of veggies and stuff to keep yourself healthy.”

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