Hilaria Baldwin Explains Decision to Announce Pregnancy 'Early' After Commenter Questions Timing

Hilaria Baldwin announced Wednesday on Instagram that she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting their fifth child together, after a miscarriage in April

Hilaria Baldwin is responding to supposed confusion about why she decided to announce her pregnancy “very early,” despite saying she wants to stay out of the public eye.

The fifth-time mom-to-be, 35, shared Wednesday alongside an Instagram video of the baby’s heartbeat that she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting again.

In her post, Hilaria requested “that the media not send paparazzi to follow me or buy independent paparazzi photos” as the expectant mother wants “to remain peaceful during this very early time in my pregnancy.”

However, one user commented on her post of the baby news that they “cant [sic] understand that. If she wants to remain peacefully why does she expose her pregnancy at early stage and take the risks instead of listening the doctors order. Celebrities are really strange lol.”

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Hilaria Baldwin bump
Hilaria Baldwin/ Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram comments. Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin
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Hilaria — who shared the first photo of her baby bump the same day she announced her pregnancy — was quick to respond, defending her decision while simultaneously explaining her reasoning behind the choice.

“People poke around and try to find out what is going on,” she began. “When you simply share what is happening, you take the story into your own hands and they tend to leave you alone more. Secrets are only interesting when they are secrets. Reports of my belly growing or my appearance changing spark rumors. That brings attention.”

“Me coming out and saying what is going on gets the news out there … then they move on to the next story,” she continued. “It’s been something I’ve learned over the past decade … this is one of the reasons I’m so active on social media. The news can take images for free from my page rather than paying a paparazzi to come follow me.”

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“It is still very early … but we have learned that there is a little person inside of me 💛,” the Mom Brain podcast co-host began her Wednesday caption sharing the news, presented alongside a video of her little one’s heartbeat.

“The sound of this strong heart makes me so happy — especially because of the loss we experienced in the spring. We want to share this news as we are excited and don’t want to hide the pregnancy,” she continued.

“Well, I am delighted to say, ‘Uno mas Baldwinito,’ ” Alec, 61, captioned the same heartbeat video Wednesday on his own Instagram account. “God is good.”

Hilaria and Alec’s newest addition will join sons Romeo Alejandro David, 16 months, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 3, and Rafael Thomas, 4, plus daughter Carmen Gabriela, 6, and Alec’s daughter Ireland, 23.

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The spouses’ joyful news comes after Hilaria revealed in the spring that she had suffered a miscarriage and undergone a subsequent dilation & curettage surgery.

On April 9, the fitness instructor confirmed she had lost her baby, days after revealing that she was “likely” suffering a miscarriage. Her unborn child showed no signs of a heartbeat after an ultrasound tech had observed a slower-than-normal heart rate the previous week.

Though upset by the news, Hilaria used the opportunity to connect with other moms who have been through similar experiences, in an effort to show them they’re not alone, and chose to focus on the positive things in her life — namely, her husband and their children.

“I am surrounded by such love and I feel so fortunate,” she captioned a photo of her family. “Thank you all for listening, for your support, and for sharing your own personal stories. We are stronger together … “

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