Hilaria Baldwin Shares Post-Baby Lingerie Selfie to 'Inspire' Other Moms to Eat 'Right' & Exercise

Hilaria Baldwin shows off her post-baby body in lingerie.

Hilaria Baldwin is feeling good and looking great 10 weeks postpartum — and wants to be a post-baby body guiding light to other moms.

The mother of four, who gave birth to her newest baby, Romeo Alejandro David in May, shared a photo on Instagram Friday wearing some sexy lacy lingerie.

“10 weeks, one day… it’s been a while since I posted an update photo like this. I do it to inspire feeding and exercising your body right. If it resonates with you, wonderful! If not, think of it as a bikini and scroll past #wegotthis2018,” Baldwin captioned the post.

The yoga instructor, who is married to Alec Baldwin, snapped a picture of herself in her bathroom mirror revealing her very flat stomach and toned physique.

Baldwin has made it her mission to keep fans updated on her post-baby journey. On Wednesday, she took her followers on a trip down memory lane by posting a shot of herself 9 months pregnant side-by-side a photo of herself holding Romeo two weeks after his birth in the same sheer lace gown.

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Although it seems Hilaria’s is in amazing shape and not shy about showing her body off, it has taken her quite a while to be comfortable in her own skin.

“In my book, The Living Clearly Method, I opened up about growing up with an eating disorder. I turned to yoga, health and wellness to heal my body and mind. I think back to my old self and how much I would have struggled with gaining weight during my pregnancy and being patient with healthfully losing it,” Baldwin wrote on social media.

“I’m so happy I can be a strong and happy mommy now, completely accepting of my body.”

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