By peoplestaff225
Updated September 20, 2009 11:00 AM

Like most new moms, after the arrival of your beautiful baby you are on cloud nine with an undeniable sense of love. Until you notice that postpartum bulge.

There’s some help on the way with the Cinch, an abdominal wrap designed to help suck in your midsection and regain your waistline. It’s like a girdle only softer, way more comfy and with just the right amount of support to remind you how to properly hold your core, post-baby. And it works similarly to how Spanx works — seemingly taking off pounds just by wearing the appropriate under-garment.

Simple, adjustable elastic straps allow for the right fit — you can really tighten the Cinch to suck it in a lot, or keep it at modest tension (which still seems to do the trick too). Wear the Cinch while hanging out in the comforts of home or under loose garments (like a dress) during the day. It can go undetected; I tried wearing it at work for a full day and nobody caught on.

It’s made with a nylon-polyester-Spandex fabric that’s lightweight, breathable, and really smooth (no bulk!). It’s not the most comfortable thing to suck in your gut all day with a wrap around your core, but it really does help you retrain your stomach muscles and focus on getting back your pre-pregnancy waistline.

Cinch is made by Anew and retails for $89 but CBB readers can enter code CBBCinch at checkout for a 15% discount on all products, good through October 20.

— Amy