October 30, 2007 11:46 AM

English actress Hermione Norris, 40, and her husband Simon Wheeler welcomed their second child, daughter Hero, nine weeks ago and they are loving it.  Hero joined big brother, Wilf, 3.

Click below to read Hermione discuss Hero’s name, the labor, motherhood and weightloss.

On the birth of her second child: The birth was all right — not brilliant. I don’t think many women have an easy time. Well, I don’t anyway. If only men could do it. Hero was 6 pounds, 7 ounces when she was born.

Her daughter was not named after "Much Ado About Nothing":  People think it’s after the character in Shakespeare’s "Much Ado About Nothing" but I met this beautiful old lady who was about 80, had long silvery hair and her name was Hero. I just thought: "She’s cool."

On whether she and husband Simon will stop at two children: Definitely. I’m not going to have any more children. I’m too old and too tired. I’m one of four and my husband is one of four. It’s just chaos and I’m not up for that. I’m still euphoric after having her but I know the tiredness will kick in soon!

In regards to her being called a poster girl for older moms: I couldn’t have had children any earlier. I didn’t meet the right person and I wasn’t ready before my late-30s. I think I’m lucky to have had my life with the travel and career before I started a family. But I forget how old I am. I have a 19-year-old nanny and sit down for a chat with her, then realize I’m 20 years older and she probably thinks I’m a boring old fart.

The meaning of motherhood is: A lot of it is grueling and relentless — the care, the feeding and the cleaning. But it’s so rewarding. I’m not Supermum and I’m sure I get it all wrong sometimes. I didn’t see enough of Wilf when I was filming Spooks for five months and the balance went the wrong way.

On the eight year age difference between she and Simon:  I don’t think he sees me as an older woman. I wouldn’t have been ready to have a child at his age but he’s a great dad. He does as much childcare as I do. The scariest thing I ever did was to commit to marry Simon. I took myself in hand and thought: "If you don’t marry him, you probably won’t marry anybody." So I did. And it has changed everything for the better.

On plans to get back into shape following the birth of Hero: No, it’s too soon and I want to devote myself to Hero. After Wilf I didn’t either. You’re born with the body you have and I’m fortunate I trained as a dancer and have that muscle memory. I’m always a size 10 and my body has retained that to a degree, and I just ping back.

What is next Hermione’s agenda?:  I’m filming Spooks next March and it will be good not to be heavily pregnant, like in this new series. My pregnancy wasn’t written in and it was hard to hide.

Source: Daily Mirror

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