By peoplestaff225
Updated December 09, 2007 09:32 AM

I have a couple of baby items that I’m addicted to, though my peanut is too big for them now, receiving blankets were one of them. I had some old Baby Gap hand me downs from my sister in law in great prints and super-soft cotton. But not one of those blankets could hold a candle to Satsuma Designs’ baby blankets.

What makes this company’s products unique is that they use bamboo in their materials. Bamboo may sound like an odd blanket material, but it’s a sustainable resource and is naturally antibacterial. Even after many washings, bamboo will retain its antibacterial nature, protecting your loved ones from germs and other elements. They come in several different styles. The Bamboo Swaddling Blanket, $32, is the most basic. It’s a lightweight blanket, made of 100% bamboo, in a perfect size that wraps baby tightly and keeps them warm. The Bamboo Velour Blanket, $50, is the next step up blanket, offering a heavier feel and more warmth. It’s made of a 70/28/2% mix of bamboo/organic cotton/poly materials and is 30"x30". Satsuma Designs also offers cashmere and velour throws that guarantee comfort and warmth along with the antibacterial benefits of bamboo. I have never touched a blanket as soft as the swaddling blanket and I can assume that the velour and cashmere would offer the same, if not softer, touch with a heavier feel.