Here are a few of my favorite (baby) things: Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Swing- The Third Parent

OK, so I heard someone, though for the life of me I can’t rememberwho, refer to their swing JOKINGLY as the third parent in theirhousehold! I hate to admit it, but I agree completely. I FELL IN LOVEearly on with the Fisher-Price Papasan set. I wanted the Baby Papsan Infant Swing ($150) and thebouncy seat. The materials looked so plush and felt so soft and thecolors were muted and simple. I had to have it. As usual, my lust wasfor a more expensive item. My husband laughed at me, though this wasnothing new!

Finallymy day came, we brought her home. That night she was fussy, I was TIREDand my hubby was in the living room playing on the computer. So I puther in her swing and tried to sleep. Now I won’t lie to you and saythat it completely entertained her. But, it certainly helped that night andfor many more that came after. She took MANY naps in it, and I’m soglad I had it! The manufacturer warns you not to let babies sleep inthe swing because of SIDS … so please use your best judgment!

The seat cushion is COMPLETELY removable and washes easily, andBEST of all, I didn’t notice any significant shrinking to the fabricafter a light drying cycle. Fisher-Price CLAIMS that it folds up flat,well, the frame does, but the seat doesn’t! So don’t expect it to be acompact item to store, though it is easier to store then some.

Iwill admit I have never used it with the sounds or music playing, butthey seem VERY nice. We also barely used the toy bar. This was our napspot most of the time, and by the time she was taking an interest inthe toys, we really were done with it.

Keep in mind that the standard infant will outgrow this swing faster then other models because of the seat, I think it’s GREAT forinfants though! It’s a cradle so once baby can sit upright it willstart to lose its appeal. On the plus side the seat does have twosettings, a more reclined position and upright position that might helpit last a bit longer. There are MILLIONS of swings out there, it’s justthat this is the one I fell in love with.

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