Help a CBB Reader!

Here at CBB, we get tons of emails daily, including some that have great questions from you, our readers! We’d like to think we always have the answers, but as we all know, two heads are often better than one. So we’re starting a new column, Help a CBB Reader!, that takes the questions you pose and opens them up to CBB readers for answers. Feel free to send any questions you have to, with “Help a CBB Reader” in the subject line.

Here’s our inaugural question…

Dear CBB,

I am a daily reader of CBB, and my husband and I just found out we are expecting. You post so many amazing products that look so helpful for parents. I was wondering, what do you consider “Must Haves” for first-time mothers? My husband and I don’t know where to start and we would love to have an idea of some of the hottest and best products before our families start offering their opinions. Readers, what is the one product you found most useful as a first-time mom?

Sincerely, Anna P.

For some ideas, check out CBB Fashion & Gear for ideas on Strollers, Diaper Bags and Nursery products!

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