May 07, 2012 05:00 PM

Brian Aris for HELLO!

It’s not surprising that the granddaughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne is already all about making a grand entrance.

After going a week past her due date, Jack Osbourne‘s fiancée Lisa Stelly was induced and the proud parents welcomed daughter Pearl Clementine on April 24.

“The baby was sunny-side up — in a posterior position — so I had back labor, which is the worst thing ever,” Stelly, 25, tells HELLO! in their new issue.

“It feels like two hooks are in your back with an anchor.”

With Osbourne, 26, “relaxed” and by Stelly’s side, the expectant mom received an epidural after 10 hours of labor. However, once the medication stopped working, it didn’t take long for her to realize she had to get the baby out — fast.

“Lisa only pushed for seven minutes,” shares Osbourne.

The couple decided on Pearl Clementine for their baby girl, but after much thought — and a little compromising — on the part of both parents.

After Stelly’s sister “inspired” Pearl, the mom-to-be was completely on board, but Osbourne was leaning toward a more unique moniker for his firstborn.

“Jack didn’t like [Pearl] at first. He liked Moxie. That could be the name of a Bratz doll. I was like, ‘Heck no,'” Stelly jokes.

Osbourne quips, “I thought Pearl sounded like a grandma, but then I thought it would be really cute to have a little girl with a grandma name, so I came around to it.”

It took a second round of the name game for Osbourne and Stelly to decide on their daughter’s middle name.

“Her middle name is Clementine. It took us a really long time to choose that, but I think it’s perfect,” Stelly says.

Despite being a first-time father, Osbourne is stepping up to the plate and is enthusiastic about daddy duty, giving Stelly a chance to focus on nursing her newborn.

“He gets up to change her [diaper], burp her and put her back to sleep,” she shares. “I’ve only changed three nappies — Jack’s done all the others.”

— Anya Leon

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