Helena Christensen visited Gwyneth Paltrow soon after the birth of her second child, son Moses Martin, in New York City. Upon leaving the hospital Helena was asked who she was visiting, answering with "Who do you think?" before laughing and telling them that "The baby is gorgeous!" The model, who is a mom herself – to son Mingus, 6 – bought Gwyn a gift, saying that she "got her a silver gold necklace with three hearts."

Still no word on Moses’ middle name yet, but it is thought to be Bruce Anthony, after Gwyneth’s deceased father, with whom she was especially close, and Chris’ father. In other Moses news, the NY Daily News reports that he was 8 lbs, 4 oz at birth – but there’s still a discrepancy about whether he was born around 9am on Saturday April 8th, or around 1 pm on Sunday April 9th, and also if the birth was an induced natural birth, or a c-section. PerezHilton got the gossip on the birth rolling when he said she was "set to induce labor and deliver via c-section," but there’s been no statement on which they ended up doing, although Perez says Gwyneth and Chris went with the c-section (which wouldn’t be a surprise, considering how long she was in labor with Apple for!)