Helena Bonham Carter speaks about new daughter, living with Tim Burton

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, 41, is featured in a new interview with the Evening Standard. She and director Tim Burton welcomed their baby girl five weeks ago — and she’s still nameless, although she won’t be by the end of the week! (In the UK, couples have six weeks to register their child’s name.) Describing the baby and the birth, Helena says,

[She’s very tall and smells delicious.] She’s very chilled, with lots of hair, and I’m totally in love. I even loved the birth. I’d do it again in a flash. I just got the drugs, sat back, and enjoyed it. It was all so casual that she didn’t even cry when she came out.

[I had her at St. Mary’s, Paddington] and it was like my Christmas holiday — the happiest days of my life have been spent in that hospital. [Since then, I’ve been in a chair on breastfeeding duty, trying to think of a name.]

The couple had not found out the sex of the baby prior to the delivery, but Helena assumed they were having another boy. Therefore, they came up with names for a son, but none for a possible daughter, which has now left them between a rock and a hard place.

We haven’t got anywhere yet — it took us five weeks to come up with Billy. And we were stunned to have a girl this time. I’m sure I saw a willy on the scan, so we came up with Charlie, Jack, Louis, or Milo.

Much has been made of the fact that Helena and Tim reside in adjoining houses, with a hallway that connects them. Helena reveals,

You turn right to go into Beatrix Potter-land [my French country style side] and left to go into weird-land. [laughs] It’s ideal because we could steer well clear of each other, which is fantastic. He might come in and get the milk, but that was about it.

In any relationship, after the first year is over, you can’t help but want your own space. We have different telly tastes and both work from home. But things obviously aren’t that bad between us, or I wouldn’t have gotten up the duff [pregnant], would I? I’m very happy.

Of course, the two also have son Billy Ray, 4, who has playdates at the house with friends, and sometimes finds interesting things. Helena laughs,

Tim has a full-size waxwork of a dead Sammy Davis Jr. which lies in state in one of the bedrooms. He’s one of Tim’s heroes. Well, one [of Billy’s friends] went home and said to her mother, ‘There’s a dead black man upstairs.’ Luckily, [her mother] is one of my best friends.

Despite the somewhat odd upbringing, Helena says she and Tim want their kids to have jobs other than acting once they’re adults.

I want them to be lawyers or accountants. I don’t think any actor wants their children to follow them into the profession.

Next up for Helena is reprising her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the next installment of the Harry Potter film series, which starts production in February.

I quite like the anarchic role, and the good thing is, Bellatrix has huge breasts, and I won’t need the chicken cutlets this time. Like lactating on a broomstick.

Anyway, Helen McCrory, who plays my sister, has also got a small baby [son Gulliver is 11 weeks], so we’re going to have a witch’s crèche on-set.

Source: Evening Standard

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