Helen McCrory talks about motherhood

Actress Helen McCrory, 37, recently talked to the Telegraph about her newly-changed life thanks to being a mother. McCrory and partner Damian Lewis, 35, (Band of Brothers) welcomed their first child, daughter Manon, by c-section five weeks ago. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On what Manon is like:

She’s very easy and very beautiful. So far she’s also very calm, so Damian should definitely be getting a DNA test for that one.

On parenting:

I’ve no idea what sort of parents we’ll be. It’s like any relationship, it grows; we’ll have to see what Manon’s like, and whether she’s a nervous, timid child or an extrovert. We’re not following a book or doing the tough love thing. To be honest, I’m feeding her more on whim than demand – she only has to look at me sideways and I’m there, day or night. I don’t mind; as I’ve never needed eight hours’ sleep, I can take it or leave it.

Source: The Telegraph

Thanks to CBB reader Ann.

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