Supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal seem to have it all – a wonderful marriage, two beautiful children, and successful careers. The couple started dating when Heidi was pregnant with her daughter Leni, now 2; they married shortly after and welcomed another baby, Henry, in September of last year.

Heidi says that Seal is not only good with diapers, but with being an all-around dad. "He’s such a great dad… I knew he’d be that kind of dad before he became a father… He’ll do so many little special things for me. Once I opened up my passport and he’d put pictures of the children in there. He’s very sweet."

With a career that takes her all over the world, Heidi acknowledges that it’s difficult to leave her family behind. "It is very hard to go to work. Even if it’s just me leaving in the morning and coming back at night, it’s very hard. The beautiful thing is when Leni says ‘I love you’ without me saying it first. Normally you say ‘I love you,’ and then they say it back, but when they say it first without hearing something, it’s beautiful."

When asked if there’s another child in the horizon, Heidi said that "further down the line we’d definitely consider a third child – but we’re not down that line yet!"

Source: OK! Magazine, May 29, 2006, page 42