Heidi Klum on Ellen DeGeneres

Heidi Klum made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week, and boy, did she make an entrance! Heidi (and her belly) danced with Ellen before they sat down for an interview! Heidi revealed that her third baby will make it’s debut "in the next few weeks," around Thanksgiving, and she and Seal do not know the sex, confirming our earlier post.

Heidi shared that Leni, 2, is in ballet classes and loves to come home and teach everyone else her moves!She is also saying oma and opa (Grandma and Grandpa in German). Heidi said Leni doesn’t like it when Seal sings, because she wants to! Seal will start to sing and Leni says, "No Papa, no sing! Leni sing!" Henry, 13 months, is learning to talk, and says Mama, Papa, and meatball. However, everything is a meatball to Henry – he points at things and says the word!

Enjoy the video!

Thanks to CBB readers Emmy, Lis and Joy for the recap.

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