Heidi Klum in Self Magazine

Supermodel Heidi Klum is featured in this month’s Self Magazine. As mom to Leni, 2, Henry, 12 months, baby #3 making it’s debut later this year, plus Project Runway, Heidi is a busy woman! Here are the site related interview highlights:

On getting creative with Leni"We paint with pencils and brushes. She can’t really paint anything yet. She says what everything is, but it’s all just circles. I wonder if she really sees something."

On why it’s important to have family dinners"That is how I grew up. Not watching TV, but sitting around and talking. Henry eats everything that we eat. He has a little blender, you put it in there with everything in it, with pepper and salt. It’s not like it has to be just boring carrots with no flavor. It’s a normal thing to sit around the table. For me, it is more abnormal if people don’t do that."

Source: Self Magazine

Thanks to CBB reader Vera from I’m Not Obsessed.

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