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Update: We have the rest of the Gala magazine interview with Heidi Klum. She tells them about giving birth to her and husband Seal‘s son Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel. It was translated for us exclusively by CBB Reader Babs!

From the introduction of the article:
– Heidi is breastfeeding Johan, just like she did with Leni and Henry.
– She was scared of the birth because she respects the whole birth process.
– They’re going to Aspen, Colorado for Christmas (Seal has a house there).
– Johan was a planned baby. They wanted all their children to be close in age so they can be a unit.

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Gala: How are Leni and Henry handling their new brother?
Heidi: Oh just great! Leni is very gentle with him and loves holding him and telling him stories. Henry walks around him and says “baby”. I have a feeling that it’s be unbelievably nice when they can all play together in a few years.

Gala: How is Johan developing?
Heidi: He weighed 3932 grams when he was born and at the moment he’s eating and growing well.

Gala: And how is the physical state of his mother? How are you getting back in form?
Heidi: Every time it’s a new challenge to work on my body and to try and get it back to my old shape. The most important thing is a strong will. I try to eat as healthy as I can and I’ll try to walk in the snow a lot and do easy exercises in the upcoming Christmas holidays. It’s the same as with my two other pregnancies – if you work on yourself you will get the results. But every woman is different; every woman needs to find the best way to motivate themselves. For me it’s an old pair of jeans I want to fit into again.

Gala: What are you doing next?
Heidi: Right now we’re looking forward to the Christmas holidays in the mountains. I really love classical, white Christmases. Walking in the snow; building snowmen in front of the house and sleigh-riding with the kids. My husband is a great snowboarder and he’s been waiting all year to go speeding down the mountain. We’re going to take four whole weeks off and just enjoy ourselves in Aspen.

Gala: But work will be starting again soon. When will you come to Germany with your family to present the second series of “Germany’s next top model”?
Heidi: The filming for the second series starts in the beginning of February. I am very proud of this show and I’m also really looking forward to it. So in February we will pack our bags and go to Germany for the length of the filming. I adore coming to Germany. I can see the rest of my family and also my old friends.

Originally posted December 14, 2006:
CBB Reader Babs translated the Gala magazine interview with Heidi Klum. She tells them about giving birth to her and husband Seal‘s son Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel.

Gala: How did you experience Johan’s birth?
Heidi: Giving birth is a wonder. And it’s best when you experience it with the people that you love. I was lucky to be able to have natural and easy births with all three children. (RTL had previously reported that Heidi had a c-section. This was untrue.) My husband and parents were there. Our other children were anxiously waiting in the room next door. It was wonderful. To phrase this overwhelming feeling into words is very difficult. It’s very special and full of joy. When I look at my life I feel that it’s totally complete. I have my own real family, which I love more than anything in this world. I’ve dreamed of this my whole life.

Gala: On your homepage Seal wrote that Johan looks like his mother. Does he also have your sunny and lively character?
Heidi: The first thing we thought, as we saw his face was: “Wow, he looks just like me!” Seal has seen many pictures of me of when I was a newborn. As we came home after the birth, we went looking for these pictures and compared them with Johan. But it’s not really easy to see any facial expressions in the baby’s face because he’s asleep most of the time.

Gala: What kind of emotions did you have during the birth?
Heidi: My husband was by my side throughout the whole birth. His support and his strength were a big help for me. It’s a great feeling when you know that it doesn’t matter what happens, we will get through it together. Everybody had a smile on their face as Johan was born. I can’t stop gushing over what a wonder it is to have a baby and to hold it in your arms for the first time.

Gala: What does you average day look like with a newborn?
Heidi: Johan sleeps in our room and that makes it a lot easier. To be honest, Johan is the easiest baby of my three kids. He wakes up every four hours and that’s not very often for a newborn. Lucky us! Henry was much more unsettled and somehow always awake. It felt as if we’d never get any sleep. Much with Johan it’s a lot of fun. He’s a good boy.

Gala: You left the hospital in a wheelchair. Were there problems during the birth?
Heidi: I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital on foot. That’s a rule in the USA. I could have walked but the nurse said no. I respected that. I didn’t have any complications with any of the three children. This time it was again a wonderful experience for which I am very grateful.

Gala: How did you come up with the name?
Heidi: It’s a Nigerian tradition to have lots of names. My husband has nine names. He wanted to carry on this tradition. We thought Johan is a traditional and strong name with a wonderful ring to it. That is why we chose this name. Riley is just a name we really liked. Fyodor is the name of a close friend of Seal’s who died shortly before Johan’s birth. And Taiwo was the name of Seal’s great-great-grandfather who founded the city of Lagos in Nigeria. His full name was “Chief Taiwo Owolow.” So that makes Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel all together.

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