Heidi Klum chats with Posh Cravings

Expecting her third child in November, Heidi Klum sat down with PoshCravings.com to chat about pregnancy and parenthood.

Heidi shared the following:
-Her maternity wardrobe includes "comfortable clothes, especially long t-shirts and stretchy jeans. " She likes to mix regular clothes with maternity. She said, "Especially with fashion in the last year ortwo, there have been lots of flowy looks, Empire waists, etc., so it’sactually been perfect for all us pregnant ladies."
-Leni wears everything, "from anadorable ballerina tutu – for fun – to the most comfortable jeans torun around in."
-Gear-wise, Heidi says she has a number of strollers and diaper bags for different situations. She has "easy fold-up ones for quick shopping trips to sturdier onesfor going on long walks in the park." (We know she has a Maclaren Rally Twin in Scarlet Bubbles and a Stokke Xplory.)

-As for diaper bags, from time to time she uses large totes instead of traditional diaper bags. (Here she is carrying a cool lime green tote.)
-When asked for the best parenting tip she’d ever received, Heidi said, "To find your own way. There’s no one magic tip or piece of advice that works for everyone." She also said her biggest surprise has been "everything and nothing… becauseyou don’t know what it’s going to be like to be pregnant, give birth,and raise kids until you are actually doing it."

For more of Heidi’s poetic waxings, the mother she admires most, and her secret to maintaining her selfhood while being a mom to 2+ kids, visit PoshCravings.com.

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