Heidi Klum appears on the View

Pregnant supermodel Heidi Klum made an appearance on The View this morning to chat about her hit show, Project Runway. Hoping Heidi would talk a little more about her pregnancy or reveal a cute anecdote about Leni or Henry during the course of the interview, we were instead a bit shocked when Barbara Walters proceeded to tell Heidi that, "What I really wanted to know is, was this [pregnancy] planned?" Heidi, ever the professional, ignored the question and instead focused on Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s query as to how many children she and Seal wanted. The answer? "Three is good for now, we’ll see [about more] after this baby comes."

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought Barbara’s question was a bit inappropriate. CBB reader Jenn emails, "I can see it maybe being okay if Barbara had asked, "Were you trying for a third child?", or somehow phrased the question a bit more tactfully – after all, the kids are pretty close in age. However, I was surprised to see her be so blunt, and was glad Heidi ignored her."

Did anyone else see the show? – What did you think? On a personal note, were you ever asked if your pregnancies were planned? How did you respond?

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