On Thursday, first-time parents-to-be Heidi Pratt and Spencer Pratt paid a visit to the doctor where Heidi learned she's already 1 cm. dilated

September 15, 2017 09:14 AM


Baby Speidi might be here sooner than planned!

On Thursday, first-time parents-to-be Heidi and Spencer Pratt paid a visit to Heidi’s doctor where they learned (among other things) that Heidi’s already 1 centimeter dilated.

It was a surprise for the reality starts, who had previously been given a due date of October 19.

“Well this doctor visit was a little different to what I thought,’ Heidi, 31, told revealed on Instagram Stories. “I’m about 1 cm dilated and we’re just hoping he doesn’t come too early!”

Spencer, 34, looked overwhelmed by the news — simply telling his wife, “Gnarly” while processing everything.

Heidi Pratt/Instagram

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The couple, who met on MTV’s The Hills and said their “I dos” in April 2009, had also gotten word in their doctor’s visit that their baby-to-be had flipped.

“He’s officially flipped,” Heidi said. “Yeah! Optimal birthing position!”

Heidi stepped on the scale too, where she learned she’s gained 36 lbs. during her pregnancy — weighing in at 145.8 lbs.

Spencer Pratt/Instagram

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Of course, with the baby possibly arriving any day now, the Pratts set out on a day filled with last-minute chores. Per Spencer’s Instagram Story, that included a stop to get their teeth cleaned by Spencer’s father, some refreshments at Belcampo Santa Monica and an appearance at an event at a local Hermés store.

They also went shopping for a preemie outfit… just in case.

“Well we had to stop by the store and I got a little preemie outfit in case he comes early,” Heidi explained on her account. “He is coming early. I just hope not too early.”

But Spencer appears to be hoping for a little more time. “He’s not coming early,” Spencer told Heidi, telling his future son, “Stay in that belly, boy!”

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