Heavy metal mama Jada Pinkett-Smith

by auditioning contributor Laura

Actress-turned-musician Jada Pinkett Smith spoke to Redbook (August issue) what it’s like being on cross-country tour with her heavy-metal rock band, and the positive effect it’s had on her two children with Will Smith: son Jaden, 8, and daughter Willow, 5.

"This is probably the best gift that I gave to my family as a whole. I’m so lucky that I have kids who love being on the road. I asked my daughter, ‘What do you like about going on the road?’ And she said, without hesitation, ‘I like to see new places!’ Jaden is more contemplative and serious. And he says, ‘I like it because I get to have you all to myself.’ Because when I’m on the road, I can’t be found [by the outside world], and I only work an hour a day-the rest I get to spend with my family."

She also discusses how marriage and motherhood hasn’t prevented her from pursuing her dreams: "Women who can live full lives are better mothers. I realized I didn’t have to give up music because I was married and had children–that actually, I could have them right by my side on the journey. In fact, my kids’ perspectives will be totally different than mine."

And how’s she’s raising Willow to be a strong woman: "It’s crucial that my daughter learn the importance of being whole. I’m teaching her at a very early age how to express her emotions appropriately. I call her my little wild wolf-girl. Because that’s what she is. Sometimes my daughter has to go into her room, shut the door, and scream. And I tell her, "That’s what your room is for. Scream, cry, tear your s–t up, whatever you need to do. It’s your room. As long as you’re not trying to slap me around, because that’s not going to be accepted."

Source: Redbook

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