Update: Contest: Hearts Afire: Get primped for Valentine's Day with help from Skye Hoppus

Becoming a mom can make you lose sight of the simple pleasures and luxuries in life. You have a new heightened sense of love for family but sometimes your love for self hits an all-time low. Let Valentine’s Day be your reason to reconnect with the part of you that requires a little attention! We recently spoke with Skye Hoppus, author of Rock Star Momma, creator of Childish Clothing and wife of +44’s Mark Hoppus (formerly of Blink-182), and she offered up some great V-Day prep tips.


Update: The winners of the 9 Month Set Candles from Childish Clothing Contest are:

  • Dawn, from Kingston, NY, who said, "I’m a single mom toa 10 week old baby, so for Valentine’s Day I plan on putting baby inher bouncy seat on the floor next to the bathtub, and taking a bath!"
  • Posy, from Savage, MN, who said, "My special thing for ME on Feb. 14th will be working out at the gym followed up with a pedicure."
  • Angelica from Gardena, CA, who said, "Hubby and I both have class, but I am hoping for a long bath that night!"

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Get Your Hair Done


The first thing you should do is go get a blow-out. You’ve got togo to the salon — and if you’re a freak like I was and you don’t wantto be around the chemicals, just go to a salon that just does blow outsand where they don’t do other chemical processes. There are probablyblow out salons in every city now. It’s the best $30-$50 you’ll spend.It gives you a moment of peace to yourself. If you have children athome, get a babysitter, parent or daycare, do whatever you can to havethat moment to yourself, to reflect on your marriage or relationship.As you know life is so fast, and rarely do moms, pregnant ladies orwomen take that moment for themselves. And it’s OK to take that moment,especially of all days, you should do it on Valentine’s Day.

Get a Manicure


From there, you can get a manicure, if you don’t want topaint your nails you can get one without the polish. There are now allsorts of nail polishes that don’t have the toulene or formaldehyde inthem for pregnant women. When you have a blow out and a manicure youjust feel a little bit better, you take a moment for yourself and fromthere you have a much clearer head to get ready for your night tocelebrate. And, you’ll already be two steps ahead of the rest of theworld.  Again, I don’t think women, especially moms, take enough timefor themselves and it really is OK to do that.

Treat Yourself to Something "Pretty"


Get yourself a pretty dress, and if you’re not a chick who likes towear dresses, go get a piece that you’re going to feel amazing in — anew sweater, a new scarf, new earrings. Go out and treat yourself andit doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Even if it meansyou’re just going to the mall and finding a $10 scarf that is going tomake you feel a little more sexy. It’s the best thing you can do. Andbefore your husband gets home from work, or you see him that night,you’ll feel a little more extra special. It’s just the best way tostart your night.

Go for Red!


I know it sounds expected, but I personally love red. Ruby reddresses on pregnant women just helps to bring out that glow, even ifyou’re not having that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about. Butthere is something nice about a ruby red — not a loud red, like fireengine red but a nice, ruby red — that just looks great on every skintone. And I love silky fabrics because they just add that shine andthey’re comfortable. Basic black will always work and it’s sexy, butyou have to know yourself.

Maternity Style


The biggest thing with maternity styling is that some women justtry to hard to go out of their regular style. You know best, you’vebeen dressing yourself for 20-30 years at this point, you know what youlook good in. Just try to find something in your maternity wardrobethat you know you will look good in and work it.


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