February 03, 2016 06:05 PM

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Haylie Duff says she hasn’t bounced back to her pre-baby body nine months after giving birth to daughter Ryan Ava — but the actress is totally okay with that.

Duff told Wonderwall that she “definitely” doesn’t “feel like I’m looking amazing.”

She explained, “I have not put pressure on myself to lose everything right away.”

Aside from walks with baby Ryan, Duff’s fitness regimen has been mellow, mainly due to her desire to breastfeed her little girl.

“I had sort of an interesting situation when I was nursing where if I was working out too much or cutting my calories, my milk supply really went down,” the Real Girl’s Kitchen host, 30, told Wonderwall.

“So for me, it was a struggle because I really wanted to focus on losing weight and getting my body back. But at the end of the day, I had to sit down and make the decision that meant the most to me — and that was breastfeeding my baby.”

Duff says after realizing she didn’t “care as much” about losing weight, she decided to focus instead on Ryan’s needs — but the extra baby pounds are still “coming off.”

“It’s a slow and steady process — the same way it was when I gained it,” she shared. “I’m feeling positive about it. Every week it’s like more off and more off. It’s just gonna be what it’s gonna be. The plus side is I have a beautiful, healthy little girl.”

The actress says that she’s still focused on her health, however.

“Now that I have a baby that will eventually be eating real meals and not pureed everything, what I eat sets an example for her,” Duff explained. “It’s really important. I want her to see us eating healthy foods so that when she grows up, she wants to make those same decisions.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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