Haylie Duff has two daughters, 7-month-old Lulu Gray and Ryan Ava Erhard, 3½, with her fiancé Matt Rosenberg

By Claudia Harmata
January 24, 2019 02:00 PM

Cue Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.”

In a recent video from Motherlucker‘s “Got a Sec?” series, Haylie Duff — singer, actress and mother of two — admits that both of her pregnancies were a result of some fun-filled evenings that may have included one too many drinks.

“Both stories involve alcohol,” Duff, 33, explains in the video. “It’s so funny because everybody stops drinking to get pregnant, but I think that’s how everybody gets pregnant, is alcohol.”

Duff has two daughters, 7-month-old Lulu Gray and Ryan Ava Erhard, 3½, with her fiancé Matt Rosenberg. The pair have been engaged since April 2014.

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Haylie Duff
| Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Their first child was a surprise, according to Duff. “We had been engaged and had been planning our wedding and we went on vacation to Hawaii,” she says. “We had too many Mai Tais, and then we got Ryan.”

Similarly, Ryan’s little sister also came to be as a result of a fun night out — although Duff traded in Mai Tais for margaritas.

“Lulu actually came about because our parent mixer at preschool was hosted at one of my girlfriends’ houses,” Duff says, laughing. “They had a margarita bar. Again, with the alcohol, and that’s how I got Lulu.”

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Duff goes on to share some of the realities of parenthood. She talks about her expectations before becoming a mom, planning to not let her kids watch too much TV or eat too many sweets.

“All the things that before you become a parent you judge other parents for,” Duff says with a laugh. “But my daughter fully watches an iPad at restaurants.”

Being a mom doesn’t stop Duff from continuing to have fun, and making time for herself. She tells Motherlucker that her typical mom night out still includes “a lot of tequila, music” and “a cocktail.”

But it usually ends early so she can be in bed by midnight — no doubt to get enough sleep before returning to mom duty the next day.