Duff truly believes that the 4moms High Chair is teaching her 1-year-old daughter Ryan manners before she can even talk

Haylie Duff is a mom of many talents — one of them being cooking!

The actress, who has her hit Cooking Channel show The Real Girl’s Kitchen, is particularly focused on 1-year-old daughter Ryan Ava eating healthy now in her younger years to shape her palate for the future.

“One of the things that was really important was that my daughter ate really balanced meals so she was not the teenager that would only eat chicken fingers,” Duff tells PEOPLE about the meals she whips up in the kitchen for her family. “I think that really starts young and it’s the example that’s set.”

Haylie Duff 4Moms High Chair

Eddie de la Rosa

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While she tries as hard as she can to keep a stocked pantry that is driven towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her fiancé, Matthew Rosenberg, still tends to break into the frozen foods.

“Not to call out Matty because I love him so much, but he really eats like a teenager,” Duff jokes. “This is not new information to him.”

“He loves lasagna, pizza and milkshakes, and it’s the weirdest opposition of me, who eats everything, and he’s the pickiest eater on the planet,” she adds of his favorite foods. “I knew I had my work cut out for me with her because he doesn’t eat vegetables, so I was going to have to be the example there.”

Haylie Duff 4Moms High Chair

Eddie de la Rosa

And while peas, corn and anything that’s baby-sized tends to become a fun object to toss around instead of eat, Duff’s new mommy gadget is the perfect addition to help keep her kitchen clean.

“We’re at the phase where they like to take their bowl and they’re like, ‘What’s in here?’ And they throw it across the room,” says Duff, who now uses the 4moms High Chair, which has a “magnet on the top and then all the bowls have magnets on the bottom, but they’re really strong magnets.”

She adds of the high chair, “She literally tries to pick up [the bowls] and I’m like, mhmm.”

And Duff is all about teaching Ryan manners before she can even talk!

“It’s funny because I put her at a normal table in a buckle seat at a restaurant and she didn’t pick up the regular bowl — I think because of the habit from the 4moms high chair,” she says. “I’m hoping it sticks.”

— Nicole Sands with reporting by Christina Dugan