Hatley Pajamas: Hell Has Frozen Over

I can’t believe I’m admitting it in such a public forum, but as I write this I am dressed like my 8-month-old son. We’re both wearing Hatley’s moose pajamas ($26-$50) and we’re wearing them well.I couldn’t imagine, when Hatley’s people suggested that I try them, that I’d ever be so happy and comfy in moose pajamas, particularly when they said they have moose gear for every member of the family, so we could all dress alike. But I’ve been wrong before. Somehow Hatley’s moose PJs aren’t sloppy or droopy. They don’t look like I stole my husband’s sweats. The pants ($30) aren’t tight but they are close-fitting cotton…and not fleece or flannel so I don’t melt in them. And the black tank top ($20) is really cute! Dare I say these are sexy moose pajamas?

Baby Egan’s red cotton footed coveralls ($26) are covered in moose with black trim and a black zipper and those funny little rubber dots on the soles of the feet, though he’s months from walking. A cotton tab snaps over the zipper so it doesn’t irritate his cute little chin.

Though my 3-year-old’s not rockin’ the moose trend that seems to have taken this family by storm, he is absolutely loving his new alien pajamas ($27). They’re very soft cotton pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a darling applique alien and “Take me to your leader” embroidered on it. The pants are covered in spaceships and aliens and space men with ray guns. How cool is that?

So I guess we’re one of those families that dresses alike now. Just don’t expect to see the photos in next year’s Christmas card.

— Kristen

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