"Finding the balance between work and taking care of my child is tough. I'm from the mid-west so for me, it's all about family and it's always been about family. That's my challenge. I don't want to leave my child at all!"

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Updated December 02, 2020 07:59 PM
Jaime King Parker Holiday Party

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After giving birth to son James Knight in October, Jaime King made jaws drop just weeks later, showing off her svelte figure.

But it was a combination of genetics and hard work that helped her shed the baby weight.

“Honestly, it’s genetics and I worked every day of my pregnancy on the set of Hart of Dixie filming 16 hours a day until the day I went into labor,” the actress, 34, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Parker holiday party in Beverly Hills.

For King, it’s also important to watch how she eats (and make sure she eats!).

Two years ago — and well before starting a family — she discovered Paleta, an organic farm to table home delivery program which she stayed on throughout the pregnancy.

“They have a mommy version while breastfeeding. I’m obsessed with Paleta, it’s my thing,” she says.

Her favorite dishes? “It might be this smoothie that I really love of kale, pineapple, oranges, almonds, coconut and pea protein. They also have a bison burger that’s really awesome,” King adds.

The new mom mingled at the holiday soiree and shopped collections from Parker, James Jeans, Everlane, Dr. Lancer and Mara Hoffman while 9-week-old baby James was nearby with a girlfriend, sleeping soundly in a sling.

Seemingly having adjusted to motherhood seamlessly, King laughs off the assumption. “I’m not adjusted! It’s tough,” she admits.”It’s the greatest blessing I’ve ever had in life and also one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.”

She continues, “Finding the balance between work and taking care of my child is tough. I’m from the mid-west so for me, it’s all about family and it’s always been about family. That’s my challenge. I don’t want to leave my child at all!”

— Jennifer Garcia

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