Harry Connick Jr. Plays Nice With Daughter's Boyfriend

In his latest movie New In Town, Harry Connick Jr. portrays a dad grappling with the realities of a daughter who is new to the dating scene. It’s familiar territory for the 41-year-old singer and actor, whose eldest daughter Georgia Tatom, 12 ½, is involved in her first relationship. Fortunately, it appears as though she has excellent taste in boys! “I know he’s a good kid and I know that his family’s a good family, so that definitely helps,” Harry explains. “And he’s got manners. He’s very polite, very respectful.”

That’s why — unlike his character in the film — Harry says he’s never felt the need to flex his dad muscles in front of Georgia’s boyfriend! Says Harry,

“The last thing I want to do is embarrass my kid or embarrass the boy.”

In addition to Georgia, Harry and wife Jill Goodacre are parents to Sara Kate, 11 and Charlotte, 6 ½. New In Town is in theaters now.

Source: Associated Press

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