Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Chicken Anya! We made it to Anya’sfriend Ben’s Halloween party and she had a great time! It was truly anexercise in cuteness with all of the under 18 month crowd dressed up asdinosaurs, cowboys, lions, and polar bears.

Costume from Old Navy (now $9.75! but only in sizes 3T-5T).

Click here for last year’s costume.

Click the extended post to see more photos, including the first photo of Anya standingunassisted, and some videos.

Watching Baby Einstein Baby MacDonald. Anya is obsessed with this DVD.

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Watch Anya go to town devouring a ramekin of goat cheese.

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Here’s the first photo of Anya standing (don’t ask me where that other sock is). She’s also taken a few steps on her own over the last few weeks.

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