"When I had kids that were your children's age, my 'me time' was the shower," Storm explains

By peoplestaff225
March 29, 2016 04:15 PM

When it comes to motherhood, is there such a thing as ‘me time’?

The ladies of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk seriesCoco Austin, Hannah Storm, Ashley Williams, and PEOPLE’s Janine Rubenstein – break it down in the latest episode.

“Me time,’ I think it’s a myth,” Storm, 53, says to the group. “When I had kids that were your children’s age, my ‘me time’ was the shower. I would take really, really long showers.”

Storm, who has three daughters, continues, “It’s tough and you’re constantly feeling guilty so just get used to it!”

However, Austin, who welcomed 4-month-old daughter Chanel with husband Ice-T in November, may have found a way around it.

“There is no ‘me time’, but I figured it out,” says Austin, 37. “If I get up before her – get my clothes on, get my hair and makeup done before she wakes up – I feel like that is ‘me time'”

“I am so inspired by that!” Williams, who is mom to one-year-old son, Gus, responds. “You wear makeup?”
Williams, who juggles a hectic schedule, admits that she never had that ‘me time’ to actually process the birth of her son.

“I remember so distinctly though, right after I had Gus … I remember trying to figure out when I as going to process the birth because I had no time for that,” says Williams. “I kept thinking, ‘When do I get to go sit in my closet and eat a pizza by myself and cry about the birth? Because I need that time.”

“When they go to college!” Storm jokingly reveals.

— Christina Dugan