May 27, 2016 01:00 PM

Hannah Storm might serve as co-anchor of a show about sports for a living, but when it came to pregnancy weight gain, her job didn’t set her apart from any other mom-to-be.

“I was on bed rest with my first baby, so I gained 70 lbs.,” the mom of three daughters confesses on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk.

But luckily, the news she’d heard from her doctor only put her in a sour mood for a little while.

“[After I left the doctor’s], I go home, and my husband says, ‘You were just voted No. 2 on the hottest chicks in sidelining sports!’ ” Storm, 53, says with a laugh. “And I’m sitting there at 70 lbs. overweight just dying laughing!”

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“What a great reminder for [your husband] of what a catch you are!” Ashley Williams, 37, tells Storm.

“I was like, ‘If they could see me now [very pregnant],’ woo!” Storm says, and all the women laugh, agreeing that the pressure to lose the baby weight right away is very real and stressful.

Williams says that even though she gained only 27 lbs. during her pregnancy and lost about 16 of those through the childbirth process, switching up 19-month-old son Gus food supply is what made losing the last bit of weight the most difficult.

“What was hardest for me was when I stopped breastfeeding,” admits the former How I Met Your Mother actress, who is married to producer Neal Dodson.

She adds, “I breastfed for a year, and I gained five pounds literally five days after I stopped.”

Jen Juneau

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