Hannah Storm on Post-Pregnancy Sex: 'It's a Miracle That Multiple Children Are Actually Conceived'

The busy moms sat down to chat about getting intimate with their partners after giving birth

If you’re not feeling like cozying up to your partner immediately after giving birth, you’re not alone.

“Sex is nonexistent for the first couple months,” new mom Coco Austin says in PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series. “It definitely changes … you don’t get the okay to even have sex or go to the gym until 16 [weeks].”

She continues, “But you don’t even want sex, that’s the thing. Everything is about the child and nothing is sexual in your world. I never thought about this!”

Hannah Storm Coco Austin Ashley Williams Mom Talk

ESPN SportsCenter host Hannah Storm, who has three daughters, knows the feeling.

“You don’t feel attractive, that’s a huge part of it, and you’re tired,” Storm, 53, says. “It’s a miracle that multiple children are actually conceived.”

In fact, PEOPLE editor Janine Rubenstein is trying to unravel that mystery herself.

“I’m trying to figure out — of course, you want a baby and you have that feeling, like, let’s have a baby, and then you have one and you realize how wonderful and how terribly hard it is and you’re like, how do you come to the mindset to have another one?” she asks.

Austin, 36, also brings up the tricky logistics of even trying to conceive again.

“At night, the dogs, the baby — we all plop into our bed and it is a full bed,” she says. “So there’s no alone moments with your husband.”

Actress Ashley Williams, 37, who gave birth to son Gus in October 2014, offers Austin some advice: “Give it time. And also, there’s places to have sex besides your bed,” she says with a wink.

— Andrea Park

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